Following are the questions that we answered on implications, and summaries of our responses to each.

Question 1: What is there fundamental about ICA that it is important not to lose?

As ICA:UK goes forward it is important not to lose the fundamentals of: value based methods and approaches that provide people with effective ways of working together; individual and personal responsibility within the larger collective whole; recognition of the uniqueness of each individual; maintaining a global & historic perspective as a context for our actions at the local and international level; the valuing of individual and organizational honesty and trust; the engagement of the spirit dimension in life; and the sense of belonging to a team.

Question 2: What are other key words or phrases that describe the uniqueness of ICA:UK and you would like to see included in a statement of values?

Other key words and phrases to describe the uniqueness of ICA:UK are: participation; concerned with the human factor in development; local and international network; addressing the spirit of people; learning, sharing, questioning; a commitment to tackling injustice and inequality in a way that values and welcomes diversity; the individual and collective responsibility, within the group and in life.

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