The 1990s & 2000s - diversifying locally

Programmes were also, however, able to become increasingly diverse and specific to local circumstances. By 1992, at it's quadrennial global conference in Prague Czecholslovakia, ICAI was describing the wide-ranging work of its member ICAs in terms of four primary themes - enabling sustainable development, facilitating organisational transformation, advancing life-changing learning and promoting international dialogue.

These four arenas still represented the main thrusts of ICA's work globally in 1996, as reflected in the four streams of discussion on 'civil society' at the 1996 ICAI global conference in Cairo - Development, Business, Education and Culture.

By the time of the ICAI global conference in Denver Colorado, USA in 2000, "the Millennium Connection", these had broadened to include 7 streams - the Art & Practice of Participation, Arts for Community Transformation, Community Youth Development, Philanthropy for Social Innovation, Spirituality in Organisations, Sustainable Community Development, and Wholistic Lifelong Learning.

At the ICAI global conference of 2004 in Antigua Guatemala, the 'threads' of ICA's work worldwide were described as Holistic Lifelong Learning, Youth Community Development, Processes & Techniques of Participation, Sustainable Economic Systems, Building Social Capital, the Global HIV/AIDS Challenge, and Building a Vitalised Social Fabric.

In 2008, at ICAI's '7th global conference on Human Development' in Takayama Japan, the focus was on a set of 10 major human development challenges: Effective Governance and Protection of Human Rights, Persistence of Poverty, Environmental Degradation and Climate Change, Sustainable Agriculture and Livelihoods, Violent Conflict and Social Disintegration, Access to Healthcare and Preventing the Spread of Disease, Literacy and Education, Consumerism and Over-Consumption, Disconnectedness and Barriers to Engagement and  Private Sector Collaboration.

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