Refresher Course in Group Facilitation Methods

This course is not currently scheduled on our calendar of public courses. We are operating a waiting list and we will schedule the course when we have enough interest. Alternatively we are able to offer the course in-house. Please contact us <This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.> for more details. 


What you will gain

This course provides an opportunity for Group Facilitation Methods course graduates to refresh and advance their understanding of the basic Focused Conversation and Consensus Workshop methods, and to benefit from supported practice in a safe learning environment with guided refection and feedback from an experienced facilitator. You will gain:

• Your group facilitation skills and techniques renewed, refreshed and updated

• Additional practical experience of the Consensus Workshop and Focused Conversation Methods

• Helpful discussion of any questions raised in your experience as a facilitator

• An opportunity to share information and experience with like-minded facilitators

• Fully updated 72-page manual with new content, course notes and worksheets


What you will learn

This refresher covers a number of valuable updates and additions to the original Group Facilitation Methods course, including:

• The breadth of the role of the facilitator

• Key facilitation skills including listening, questioning, recording, planning & preparation and adapting your personal style to best help the group

• How to deal with difficult group dynamics and challenging behaviours

You will also have plenty of opportunity for discussion of how the methods can be applied in your own work and situations.


Who will benefit?

The course is suitable for all those who would benefit from a refresher and further practice and support in their use of the basic Focused Conversation and Consensus Workshop methods – both those who have lacked the opportunity or confidence to practice them enough since their initial training, and those looking for support to take their understanding and use of the methods to the next stage.

This course is useful for team leaders and project managers within organisations, those working collaboratively with partners and external stakeholders, and independent facilitators. Anyone who has attended our Group Facilitation Methods course who wants even more experience and practice will benefit!


"The challenge of demonstrating my facilitation skills under the watchful but supportive eye of my group has greatly boosted my confidence when I have had to do it for real" - Chris Browne, Regional Co-ordinator Social Cohesion, Government Office East Midlands


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