ICA:UK is proud to have our courses recognised by ILM

ILM is the UK's largest awarding body for leadership and management qualifications, trusted in learning and development by thousands of organisations including Tesco and the Ministry of Defence. ILM has examined ICA:UK’s curricula, trainers, and organisational structure, and has agreed that participants may receive the ILM Development Award to demonstrate learning. If you wish to receive the award for your learning, please check the Development Award box when registering for your course. Although there is a fee for the award, ICA:UK provides this at cost as a service to our course participants.

The Development Award

The ILM Development Award recognises that the learner has completed an ICA:UK course that meets ILM standards for professionalism, organisation, content, and trainers. Previous learners have found the Development Award to be a valuable way to demonstrate learning to employers and clients. Recognised courses include:

To learn more about ILM or the award, please visit ILM's webpage or call ICA:UK on 0161 232 8444. To learn more about ICA:UK facilitation training courses, visit our course overview page, or visit our course booking form when you are ready to book.

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