Equips you with practical tools to design and lead effective meetings – 2 day course


Does your organisation suffer from interminable meetings?  Do people turn up late or make excuses for not attending?  Do discussions go round and round only to end with decisions that no-one really cares about?


Meetings that Work offers you practical tools, techniques and templates to design, plan and deliver great meetings. This course is scheduled in both Brussels and London in partnership with Martin Gilbraith Associates


“I came away with increased knowledge and skills in architecting and planning better meetings. The course also provided me with useful frameworks and tools to be able to engage clients more proactively in planning as well as to improve participation and outcomes. The learning experience was a good mix of theory, sharing of real-life experiences and hands-on application”

Heather Worosz, MBA, MSLS & CPCC, Executive Coach & Consultant


Who this course is for

This course is for anyone who leads or attends lots of meetings, and all those who want to lead meetings with a clear purpose and great outcomes - including team leaders and managers within organisations, those working with Boards, management teams, partnerships and external stakeholders, youth and community workers and independent facilitators.


The course has no pre-requisite, and is recommended to newcomers to facilitation.

Meetings That Work and Group Facilitation Methods are two of three modules of the ICA Associates (Canada) Professional Facilitator Program endorsed by the International Association of Facilitators for those preparing to become an IAF Certified Professional Facilitator (CPF). Together with Facilitating Client Collaboration they comprise the new ToP Facilitation Essentials Program that has now been endorsed by the IAF.


Questions this course answers

“How can I turn meetings into “events” that people want to attend? How can I increase participation, and get the best input and results from everyone?  How can I increase commitment to action, and handle difficult or controversial items?”


What you will gain

This course will provide you with tips, templates and practical tools from professional facilitators that will enable you to get more from meetings than you ever thought possible.


Design and run great meetings:

  • Create engaging agendas

  • Construct meaningful processes

  • Increase group participation and productivity

  • Make group decision making more effective

Create a Participatory Environment:

  • Use diversity to make everything interesting

  • Deal with difficult situations

  • Get the very best results

  • Develop teamwork and follow-through


Gain Confidence as a Facilitative Leader:

  • Learn best practice tools and techniques

  • Enhance meaningful participation

  • Communicate more effectively in groups

Learning style

The course will use a combination of short interactive presentations, group discussion and practical and participatory individual and group exercises. Participants will have the opportunity to consider how best to apply the frameworks, tools and techniques in their own context and to begin planning for their own future meetings. Course materials and additional reference material will be presented in a comprehensive 70-page workbook for ease of use after the course.


Please visit our course calendar to see upcoming dates and locations for this course and make a booking.  Alternatively contact us to enquire about a tailored in-house course for your organisation. 


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