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For regular giving:

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For a one-off donation:

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Over its 25 year history, Village Volunteers has:

  • funded activities identified by our partners as those which are important for their organisation and work but which are otherwise hard to fund.
  • disseminated information on community-based development approaches within the UK by producing regular newsletters- see sample newsletter (pdf)
  • served as a platform which has enabled partners to raise additional programme funding from donors such as Comic Relief and the Community Fund (now the Big Lottery Fund)
  • complemented ICA:UK initiatives in Africa such as the Volunteer Service Programme and the International Partnership Programme

As a Sponsor, you will:

  • be part of a unique partnership that has been supporting individuals and organisations in Africa since 1985
  • receive a six monthly newsletter (see sample newsletter pdf), providing an overview of our work in Africa with contributions from local staff and volunteers, giving a regular insight into what life is really like for the men and women working in African communities, how your money is being spent and the sort of programmes that are being implemented
  • know that the cost of administering the scheme in the UK will be covered by the Gift Aid tax refund that we can claim, and our own earnings from fee-for-service work. This means that 100% of the money you give us will go to Africa.
  • have the opportunity to link up with organisations Village Volunteers supports, and visit communities where they work
  • be able to decide your own payment plan - we welcome all contributions: large, small, regular, occasional, in kind.
Gift_Aid_30mm_blackDid you know that we can recover tax on all Gift Aid donations if the donor is a UK   taxpayer? This means that if you give us a Gift Aid declaration, we can get an extra 25p from HM Revenue and Customs for every £1 you give us (25p is reclaimed in Gift Aid).


If you are unable to contribute financially now, you can also:

  • volunteer your time - we welcome offers from volunteers to help with fundraising and other supporting activities
  • donate air miles - in an approach that emphasizes meetings, exchange visits, cross country/people/project learning, air miles are a useful resource to cover the costs of travelling in Africa. We recognise the link between air travel and climate change, and do not encourage unnecessary travel, but equally we see the value of face-to-face meetings and visits
  • help to promote Village Volunteers- introduce the programme to a group you are involved with, persuade your friends to become sponsors, encourage community action

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