In order to improve their practice of participation and partnership, we work with international NGOs who are:

  • struggling to develop effective and empowering relationships with their partners

  • grappling with accountabilities to different stakeholders (including target groups)
  • eager to integrate participatory ways of working in their own organisations and programmes
  • looking to embed facilitative practice into their work

How we work

Our work is based on our own values and approach, which puts our clients and their concerns at the heart of our work and ensures that the experience and expertise that we bring are geared towards enabling them to find a solution.

'It was really good working with you in Cambodia. The participants raved about the input. I think the combination of our two organisations' approaches as well as what we brought as individuals really worked' David Curtis, Head of Programme and Capacity Development, Healthlink Worldwide

With our international reach, we can deliver services directly to national partners and offices, or we can work with or through our global network of partners and associates.

Our ability to help you is enhanced by experience and learning from:

  • our project work with our African partners, which is a partner-based approach seeking to address issues of participation, capacity development, HIV/AIDS, and climate change.
  • our research and development work, exploring and testing new ways of involving people effectively.

We offer three major services:

  • tailored facilitation- demonstrating the power of effective group work, using proven methods which bring tangible outputs in agreed timetables, and which can be adapted to use in the field as well as in the Boardroom
  • in-house training in group facilitation methods and skills, which will enable your people to engage effectively with colleagues, partners and other stakeholders
  • consultancy - providing advice and support for you as you work to develop the policies, systems and processes which will enable you to develop a culture of participation in your organisation and in your partner relationships

New Service!

In these hard economic times, organisations often want to keep their facilitation work in-house. Nevertheless the imperatives of maximising the use of staff members' time together and the need to reach firm conclusions and clear outcomes puts pressure on your in-house facilitators who may need support and guidance as they design and prepare for the meeting, and as they deliver it. ICA:UK can help! Call on our experienced and professional facilitators to work with you to design the meeting, clarify your role and build your confidence; developing your capacity not just for the next meeting but for future events as well. 


Who we work with

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