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An invaluable tool for all ToP facilitators, these 1.5m-wide lengths of strong but lightweight ripstop nylon are neatly hemmed and carry the ICA:UK logo. Spray with repositionable spray mount (available from all good office suppliers) in order to use as an adhesive backdrop for ToP consensus workshops, card presentations and all types of visual facilitation. Available in 5m lengths in blue, or 3m lengths in purple.

ICA Publications (and other books relating to ToP)

ICA:UK no longer sells books, however all the following ICA publications are available from Amazon, Hive and other booksellers


NEW! Getting to the Bottom of ToP, Jo and Wayne Nelson, ICA Canada, 2018

An explanation of the philosophy and principles that underpin the Technology of Participation, an exploration of how the methods reflect that philosophy and lost of useful frameworks and ideas for using the methods effectively.

The Art of Focused Conversation, Brian Stanfield (Ed.), ICA Canada, 1997 

This “how to” book demonstrates myriad uses of the ToP Discussion Method in the workplace.  Part I explains the theory of the method and Part II contains 100 sample discussion designs used in a variety of situations.

The Art of Focused Conversation for Schools, Jo Nelson, ICA Canada, 2001

A similar layout to “The Art of Focused Conversation”, but with examples geared specifically towards use in schools and other institutions of formal learning, for the benefit of pupils, students, educators and parents.

The Workshop Book, Brian Stanfield, ICA Canada, 2002 

This book explores the ToP Consensus Workshop method in depth, providing background and context to the method, as well as detailed procedures and hints for each stage.

Transformational Strategy: Facilitation of ToP Participatory Planning, Bill Staples, i-Universe, Bloomington, 2013

This is tried and tested practical wisdom about ToP strategy planning. It includes theory, detailed practical instructions, case studies from around the world. It introduces the ToP Strategy Planning methods and reveals the deep transformation that occurs when stakeholders engage in thinking through their situation, designing strategy and making real decisions about their own future. 

More than 50 Ways to Build Team Consensus R. Bruce Williams, (second edition) Skylight Publishing Inc., 2006

A practical how-to resource book containing suggestions for generating agreement within a group.  Each suggestion or activity includes a description, a detailed step-by-step guide for the facilitator, additional hints and a concrete example.

9 Disciplines of a Facilitator. Jon C Jenkins and Maureen Jenkins, Jossey-Bass/IAF, 2006

Subtitled “Leading Groups by Transforming Yourself”, The 9 Disciplines of a Facilitator explores the self-mastery it takes to become a great facilitator. Facilitation is more than a process or a set of techniques for managing groups. The authors draw on original work of the Institute of Cultural Affairs to detail the nine personal disciplines of effective facilitators, divided into three developmental pathways - regarding others, regarding yourself, and regarding the world.

The Facilitative Way (Leadership That Makes the Difference) Priscilla Wilson, Teamtech Press, Shawnee Mission, Kansas 2003

This book is written for those who are in a position of responsibility for individuals, teams, tasks and their organisations. It examines skills, techniques and methods that can help people to think and act together to make a difference. Methods covered include the Focused Conversation, Consensus Workshop and Participatory Strategic Planning, "Wall of Wonder", "TEAMS" for effective meetings and many more. 

The Courage to Lead: Transform Self, Transform Society (second edition) Brian Stanfield, New Society Publishers, 2012

Describing the internal landscape and external style needed to seriously engage in social change, this book presents twelve leadership stances which will change your life. Grounded in nearly 50 years of  ICA’s in-depth research and practical experience in over thirty nations, the book offers the lived experience of leadership in a wide variety of situations.

Older Publications (but still available)

Winning Through Participation, Laura J. Spencer, Kendall/Hunt, 1989

A textbook of Technology of Participation (ToP) methods, this book is invaluable both as an introduction to ToP methods and as a means to reinforce ToP facilitation training.  Drawing on international case studies, it discusses step-by-step procedures for designing and facilitating effective participatory events.

Beyond Prince and Merchant: Citizens Participating in the Rise of Civil Society John Burbidge (Ed.), PACT, 1997

Citizens are seizing the initiative and reclaiming their rightful place as catalysts of social change. This book describes the origins and evolution of the idea of civil society, and explores “the global mosaic” of civil society today, and its new frontiers - including the role of women and youth and the application of participatory methods.

Participation Works: Business Cases From Around the World James P. Troxel (Ed.) 

In 12 case studies, ICA-trained consultants describe how creating a participatory work environment has enabled companies to expand market share, redirect goals to emerging customer needs and increase productivity and performance.

Government Works: Profiles of People Making a Difference James P. Troxel (Ed.) 

These profiles feature people working at local, county, state and federal levels of the US government - reinventing ways for government to serve citizens; empowering employees, facilitating collaboration and working with citizens initiatives.

Methods for Active Participation Terry D. Bergdall, Oxford University Press, Nairobi, 1993

A down-to-earth account of the processes of rural development pioneered by ICA, engaging marginalised members of communities in East and Central Africa in the planning and implementation of relevant projects according to local priorities. The final part of the book is a handbook for facilitators - a 'text book' from an African development perspective.

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